Essay 2 Assignment (Draft)

Length: paper must be 700 words long – minimum.  Papers can be longer than the minimum.

Point Total: 100 points

Sign-up Sheet: There will be a sign-up sheet in class for you to sign up to write a paper on one of the works on the Annotated Book List.  You might want to review a synopsis of the works before you sign up for a work.  The paper will take one of the themes discussed in class and compare/contrast how that theme is evident in the work and in one other work that the class has looked at this term

Content: The discussion should  keep the paper narrowly focused.  Choose only one issue to discuss – so, a paper on Mahfouz’s Midaq Alley might focus in on identity OR it might focus the role of women OR it might focus the role of honor – it would not focus on all three things – that would be too much to include in a paper and develop with sufficient support.

  • Be sure you have a clear thesis statement (it’s not required, but a good way to test is to underline or highlight the thesis – then check that everything in the paper focused on that thesis
  • Be sure to provide specific support and examples from the text to support the points discussed   

Availability of the works: The works are available on reserve in Greenville Tech’s library or they can be obtained through interlibrary loan or can be purchased at bookstores or online.  Please note that some of the books are difficult to get and may take a while – be sure to plan ahead.

The paper MUST include 5 direct quotes from the work you’ve read from the list below and there must be proper page citations for each quote.       

Documentation: the paper must be written using MLA documentation.  There must be a bibliography as well as proper citation for all direct quotes and paraphrases. (MLA Handbook)

None of these topics requires research outside the readings (viewings) required and class notes.  However, if you wish to do research, please feel free to do so.  Each source, of course, must be listed in the bibliography and you should write a short justification about why the source(s) you use are reliable and authoritative enough to be considered good academic sources.  Naturally, sources like Wikipedia,, etc. are inappropriate sources.

Rough Draft Review: I will be happy to review a rough draft of papers for organization and content (I do not review for grammar).  Please send me a rough draft for review one week before the paper is due so I have time to look it over for you.  Drafts submitted less than a week before the paper is due will not be reviewed.

You are strongly encouraged to submit drafts of your papers to SmartThinking. 

Format: paper should be written in 12 point font; fonts like Times New Roman, Ariel or Calibri are fine to use.  Paper should have your name, date and course written at the top of the first page.  There should be a title, and, of course, a Works Cited.  There is no need to double space the paper.

Due date:  date paper is due is listed on the Course Calendar.

Late papers: papers submitted after the date on the Calendar will be penalized one letter grade per day the paper is late; papers will not be accepted if they are more than two days lateThere are no extensions for papers.  The due dates for the papers have been listed on the COURSE CALENDAR.  You are free to submit papers any time up until the deadline on the due date.  You should not wait until the last minute to submit a paper – working ahead will take care of emergencies like having to work extra hours, computer malfunction, etc.  If you work ahead and you encounter a computer or other problem, you will have time to make necessary arrangements to get papers in on time.


Grading: papers will be critiqued and graded and returned online.  Papers will be graded according to the English Department’s Theme Standard Sheet and Plagiarism Policies – these can be found under COURSE POLICIES under COURSE CONTENT (found on the navigation bar on the left of this screen).


Content:  papers should not be a plot synopsis (summary) of the works; instead, they should be analyses of works.  Some topics ask you to compare items; of course, comparison implies contrast as well.


Research and documentation: many of the topics will require some research.  If a paper is researched, it must be documented using the MLA documentation form, and you need to use appropriate sources for the research.

Submitting papers:  papers should be saved in Microsoft Word and sent as an attachment.


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