Online Assignments

Blog Assignments (5 total)

Locate a Blog Assignment:

  • Students will locate a blog created by a Middle Eastern writer that deals with political and social issues, religious issues, literature, arts, creative products, or personal issues.
  • Students will submit the link to the blog, a brief description of the content, and a rationale for following it throughout the semester, all of which will be posted to the website.

Blog Post Assignments:  Students will follow that blog through the course of the semester. They will demonstrate this by locating and then submitting by email 3 posts from the blog, along with a substantial comment for each post on its relevance to the course. These will be posted to the class website.

Summary Assignment: Students will compose a brief written summary of their experience following their blogs, what they gained from it personally and how it helped them to better understand the course material. These will be posted to the class website.

  • Students will also leave a substantive comment for another student’s summary.

Video Assignments (2 total)

  • Each student will submit a link to a video they’ve located online dealing with Middle Eastern Issues, along with a brief synopsis of the video’s contents and a substantial comment on how it pertains to issues discussed in class or by course materials. The video and writing will be posted to the website.
  • Students will leave also leave a substantial comment on at least one other student’s posted video.
  • Grading Standard

Discussion Topic Assignments (3 total)

  • Three times over the course of the semester, students will post a topic for class discussion about the assigned readings for the day and respond to another student’s posted topic.
  • Both will be due before class meeting time in order to be of use for class discussion.

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